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In my work I deal with the physical body and it's relation to its surrounding, through photography, sculpture, and video. I examine the limitations of the body, its size, and its activity which are altogether always in relation to something external. I examine the coherent relation I sense between my personal daily activities and the way these activities form my consciousness and identity.


The duality of the the interior space in relation to the external one has been the main focus of my works. I treat architecture as a “second skin”, the external window shifts into becoming an internal eye. The architectural elements which are external to the body, begin to convey the complexity of the internal mentality of the body. The limitations of the external space are essentially what enables certain activities to occur in the space, which is very similar to the way the human body functions. The body has a specific form and structure that enables specific manifestations. The mental landscape has a different structure than the physical landscape; the mental landscape tends to be more flexible, reflective, and open-ended. Whereas the physical space (a room, a wall, a building) tends to be more particular, defined, and limited. This very difference between the structures of the two landscape allows an interaction which manifests a potential for a specific and singular creation, activity, and occurrence which are all part of my artistic practice. These creations which are the result of the particular space they are created within, have specific size, color, dimensions, and materials, begin to form an identity which combine autobiographical and historical context. These creations with and the identity they portray moves from the personal narrative into a more symbolic interpretation. The movement between the biographical elements and the symbolic ones is present in the artworks and allow the viewer to be self-reflective.

I am captivated by photography as a medium that is reflective and intermediate. Working with other mediums beside photography indirectly contributes in allowing me to negotiate the restriction, limitation, and function of photography.


The motivation behind my works usually involves various questions about the mechanical and the metaphorical function of photography as a medium. I find photography to be a vague medium that enables me to project and translate my mental thoughts to a physical and concrete state. I am interested in situations where the boundaries between when photography stops and when something else begins are fused. The fusion of these boundaries brings forth different kind of questions that are more relevant to my artistic practice. So, Instead of starting from a place where there is a clear distinction between the mediums, I try to invite the viewers through my work to a place that is less defined and more present, stable in intermediate.

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